NRM plan for climate change

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Glenelg Hopkins CMA has received Australian Government funding to develop an NRM plan for Climate Change to support the Glenelg Hopkins Regional Catchment Strategy 2013-19.Marty Gent

Marty Gent has been recruited as Climate Change Planning Specialist to manage the development of the plan. Ms Gent has a Masters of Science and has recently returned to south west Victoria after working in Fiji for the Australian Red Cross as a Climate Change Coordinator.

She has also worked locally for DSE as the Coast Action Coastcare Facilitator and as the Greenhouse Alliance Coordinator for the South West Sustainability Partnership.

The NRM plan for Climate Change will:

  • identify priority landscapes for carbon plantings and strategies to build landscape integrity
  • guide adaptation and mitigation actions to address climate change impacts on natural ecosystems
  • help to guide the location and nature of biodiverse plantings and revegetation activities optimise carbon co-benefits for biodiversity, water and agricultural production
  • use the best available information to identify priority actions
    be developed in collaboration with government, community and other stakeholders

Climate Change is already having significant effects on the biodiversity of ecosystems including:

  • changes in species distributions
  • changes in the timing of life-history events such as breading
  • shifts in the timing of flowering and insect life cycles resulting in less pollination opportunities
  • changes to species survival rates and breeding success
  • extinction and range restriction of species or populations
  • loss of habitat due to: sea-level rise; destructive insect outbreaks; altered weather patterns; and direct warming
  • increased spread of wildlife diseases, parasites and transfer to human populations
  • increased spread of invasive species (plants, animals and pathogens)

This plan will result in long-term adaptive strategies for the management of natural resources in response to a changing climate.

"It is essential that we maintain biodiversity and ecosystem services for the benefits to our region and its productivity", Ms Gent said.

"Throughout the development of the strategy we are seeking input from a broad range of stakeholders and community representatives through a series of workshops and one-on-one interviews."

If you have an interest in climate change and natural resource management or would just like to find out more, please contact the project officer:
Marty Gent, Climate Change Planning Specialist, Glenelg Hopkins CMA on (03) 5571 2526 or