Spring Locust Preparedness, Planning and Response

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Please visit the Locust website for more information and daily locust updates.

Industry Information Fact Sheets

The Department of Primary Industries has developed industry related factsheets to provide land managers with further advice around treating locusts this spring.

These factsheets provide treatment advice to the following industries:

1. Grain industry
2. Bee industry
3. Viticulture
4. Vegetable and herb
5. Forestry and plantations
6. Nurseries, ornamentals and cut flowers
7. Turf and parklands
8. Livestock producers
9. Organic Industry

Chemical lists for Industry Factsheets

1. Locust Chemicals for Grain Crops
2. Locust Chemicals for Pastures and Fodder Crops
3. Locust Chemicals for the Viticulture Industry
4. Locust Chemicals for Turf, Ornamental Plants, Flowers and Forestry Plantations
5. Locust Chemicals for Vegetable and Herb Crops

For further information please refer to the Plague Locust Control Factsheet published by the Grains Research and Development Centre and the Australian Plague Locust Commission.