LIVE EVENT: Shorebird stroll

Join us for a stroll on the sand of one of our southern Victorian beaches for talk all things shorebirds.The Glenelg Hopkins CMA will be joined by BirdLife Australia’s Coastal Bird Project officer, Dr Dan Lees, to find out what makes shorebirds so special.

From the Hooded Plover whose tiny chicks are easily camouflaged into to the sand, to the incredible Sanderlings who arrive every summer on our beaches from the norther Arctic, we’ll be strolling along talking about why its important to notice more than just the waves rolling in on our beaches.
Join the live event via Facebook here: https://fb.me/e/1lz81k0fN

Following the live stream, the video will be available to view at any time on the Glenelg Hopkins CMA Facebook page www.facebook.com/GlenelgHopkinsCMA

This event is part of the Victoria Nature Festival. To see other events streaming online as part of the event from September 11-26 go to: www.together.vic.gov.au/victoria-nature-festival

Did you miss the live event?

You can still watch the video here

Birds we might see

The way in which the livestreamed event it filmed means sometimes the birds are a big hard to see close up.

To help show what the birds we are looking at, talking about, and trying to find actually look like, we have added images below to assist with species identification.

Images: BirdLife Australia; Rob Drummond; Glenelg Hopkins CMA

Want to know more?

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