Flood advice

We are responsible for floodplain management in the Glenelg Hopkins region. Our role is to give advice that encourages appropriate development and reduces the impacts of flooding on life, property and infrastructure.

Does my property flood?

Step 1: Check freely available flood mapping information via the GHCMA Flood Risk Mapping Portal

To find out if your property is located within a flood-prone area and produce a flood information property report use the online flood information portal.

  • if your property is located near a waterway but not covered by the freely available flood mapping; or
  • you need more detailed advice around development then go to Step 2: Apply for Flood Risk Interpretation

Step 2: Apply for Flood Risk Interpretation

How much does it cost?

Each of the following services costs $165.33 (inc GST)

  • Flood risk interpretation report
  • On-site assessment
  • Priority Service (pending availability – please contact us to confirm)

How long until I receive the advice?

A response will be supplied to you within 20 working days of receipt of payment for service.

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