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Constructing or maintaining flood mitigation infrastructure – guidance notes (DELWP)

Chapter 17 of the Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy 2016 sets out a series of policies, accountabilities and actions for levees and other forms of flood mitigation infrastructure. Collectively, they define the Management Framework for Flood mitigation Infrastructure in Victoria.
The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has released a series of Guidance Notes aimed at helping those wishing to construct or maintain infrastructure. This includes:

An overview of the VFMS management framework for flood mitigation infrastructure

Guidance Note 17.1 Deciding whether to leave flood mitigation infrastructure unmaintained

Guidance Note 17.2 Bringing Infrastructure under formal management arrangements

Guidance Note 17.3 Designing constructing and implementing flood mitigation infrastructure

Guidance Note 17.4 Levee Maintenance Permits

Guidance Note 17.5 Deciding whether to use Water Management Schemes to manage flood mitigation infrastructure
Levee maintenance permit application kit.
A link to the material is here.

Floodplain Development Guidelines

Guidelines for Development in Flood Affected Areas (DELWP) – online pdf

Guidelines for Coastal Catchment Management Authorities – online PDF

Glenelg Hopkins CMA Floodplain Guidelines

Guidelines for fencing in flood prone areas (PDF)

Guidelines for floodplain cut and fill in the Glenelg Hopkins CMA region (PDF)

GHCMA Floodplain Modelling Specifications (PDF)

Local Floodplain Development Plans

Flood Investigations

Planning maps online

Planning Maps Online

Planning schemes online

Planning Schemes Online

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