Traditional Owners

Aboriginal people across the region have retained a strong identity and connection to their traditional lands for which they have custodial rights and responsibilities. Today, the Glenelg Hopkins catchment area coincides with five Traditional Owner groups who help manage the regions unique cultural and biodiversity values through critical initiatives such as Indigenous Protected Areas, joint-managed National Parks and private land holdings.

You can download a copy of this map here: Statewide Appointed RAPs 2020 (PDF)

Find out more about each Traditional Owner group in our region by visiting the website for the group:

Communities in Integrated Catchment Management (ICM)

The Glenelg Hopkins region supports a permanent population of 137,000 with year-round tourism adding significantly to this number. The community includes people who live, work and visit or feel a connection to the region. Major cities and towns include Warrnambool, Hamilton, Portland, part of Ballarat, Ararat, Koroit, Port Fairy and Terang. The region attracts large numbers of visitors to its world-class tourist attractions and boasts a variety of educational and research institutions.

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