About us

What we do

We are an accessible community resource that believes a thriving landscape is possible if we all work together. We connect individuals and interest groups who live on, work with, and enjoy our land and waterways.

Who we are

Who we are

Advisors, enablers and relationship-builders for healthy landscapes and sustainable environments and communities in the Glenelg Hopkins catchment.

Board & governance

Board & governance

Glenelg Hopkins CMA is governed by a Board of nine community representatives.

The structure, functions and operations of the Glenelg Hopkins CMA are governed by established legislation.



We are one of three key agencies that work together to manage our water in south-west Victoria.

Local government councils are also key partners in achieving many of the desired outcomes in our RCS

Work with us

Work with us

Are you passionate about the land, the waterways and the living creatures that make up this special region of ours and want to share that passion and that knowledge far and wide.

Strategies, plans & reports

The Regional Catchment Strategy is our primary document that informs our plans for our region. Detailed strategies, such as the Soil Health Strategy, support the RCS.

Reports give detailed information of the actions, achievements, reviews and updates made by government agencies to protect and nurture the health of our waterways for future generations.

The current seasonal environmental watering plans are now available here.