Seasonal watering pauses for the winter

It’s time to let the weather put the water into the rivers.

Our seasonal watering program to support the Glenelg River will return later in the year.
In the mean time, want to know why we support seasonal flows?

Mostly – there’s these triple bottom line benefit: environmental, social and economic to our region.

Benefits of water releases:

  • support river productivity and plant growth
  • support healthy and abundant native fish populations
  • enhance water quality and reduce salinity
  • enable species movement between river pools and habitats
  • protect threatened species like the Glenelg Spiny Crayfish and variegated pygmy perch
  • great fishing opportunities
  • caring for Country and cultural values
  • protecting the beauty of the Glenelg River for locals and visitors
  • better recreation and tourism opportunities (kayaking, canoeing, swimming, camping)
  • fresh water for farmers who live on the river
Children canoing and paddle boarding on a river with trees in the background

For more information on Glenelg River environmental water releases or to register for SMS updates contact Glenelg Hopkins CMA on (03) 5571 2526.

To find out more about how and why we deliver water for the environment, visit our Water for the Environment page