It’s winter shorebird counting time!



Winter is already upon us and Birdlife Australia is keen for volunteers for the winter migratory shorebird count for the Glenelg-Hopkins CMA area. This area has numerous internationally and nationally important shorebird sites and is sure worth counting.

The formal count period will be between the 22nd-26th June, with the focus over the weekend of the 24th-25th June.

The Count

The aim is to survey key Important Shorebird Sites within the Glenelg Hopkins CMA area. As there are around 46 sites listed over 10 shorebird areas that are spread throughout the region, a level of prioritising is required.

Shorebird Areas                         Significance

  • Hamilton Lakes SBA                      International
  • Lake Goldsmith                            International
  • Lake Wongan                               International
  • Discovery Bay-Glenelg River SBA   International
  • Fitzroy River Mouth SBA                International
  • Port Fairy SBA                              International
  • Willaura SBA                                National
  • Victoria Valley SBA                       National
  • Portland SBA                                National
  • Lake Bolac                                   unrated
  • Lake Burrumbeet                          unrated

Within the SBA (shorebird area) sites are numerous localities from which observations can be recorded. Others, like Lakes Goldsmith, Wongan, Bolac and Burrumbeet are single sites in there entirety. The areas counted will depend on the number of counters and where they are located, so obviously the more counters spread over the area will give a more comprehensive count.

Small teams of two or three are best, and if a mix of experienced and inexperienced can make up the team, that’s a great way for people to learn the count process and brush up on ID. So find your counting partners and when you register let Birdlife know who you are with.

If you don’t know anyone, register and let organisers know you need partnering up and they will find someone suitable to place you with.

For those who have done this count before and have preferred counting sites, let advise this the count can maximise coverage by avoiding multiple counts at the same location.



Then return to shorebirds@birdlife.org.au

Additional information will be sent out once counters have registered but, in the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Jono Stevenson at the above email address or phone 0477 502 898.


This shorebird count will be using Birdata to record the observational data. Please download the mobile app from your app store and register as a user. You can also access the web version at https://birdata.birdlife.org.au/home and register as a user at that site. If you’d like some advice on using Birdata please contact me.

If using the app in the field won’t be appropriate hard copy forms can be provided for you to print and take with you in the field. You can then add that data to Birdata on the web platform.