Estuary Seagrass mapping to begin

The seagrass meadows of Victoria southwest estuaries will be the focus a new $350,000 research project being undertaken by Glenelg Hopkins CMA in conjunction with Deakin University.

The ‘Assessing the distribution, health and potential for restoration of estuarine seagrass meadows in the Glenelg Hopkins Region’ project will begin shortly after funding for the project was approved through the Victorian Government’s Victoria’s Resilient Coast Grants Program.

The Victorian Government has funded $150,000 towards the project, with the balance of the funding coming through the CMA and Deakin University, in the form of a PhD student scholarship and technical and equipment support for the project.

“Seagrass meadows are vital to the health and function of estuarine ecosystems in the Glenelg Hopkins region, providing a variety of ecological and economic benefits,” Glenelg Hopkins CMA Senior Estuary Officer, Jarred Obst, said.


Seagrass meadows in the estuaries of the Glenelg Hopkins region will be mapped as part of a new project.