Portland region wildlife funding available

The Southwest Environment Alliance (SEA) is inviting citizens in the Portland area to apply for funding to benefit local wildlife.

SEA is a coalition of local Landcare groups that works with the community to protect, restore and improve biodiversity values in the Portland region.

SEA President, Mr Lynn Murrell, said the alliance is fortunate to have received a bequest that enables the group to offer financial and technical support to landholders wanting to improve wildlife habitat.

Grants of up to $10,000 are available to assist both individuals and groups to protect native vegetation, waterways or wetlands, re-establish native remnant vegetation or remove weeds that threaten wildlife.

“These grants will provide locals with resources to improve habitat for wildlife on their property,” Mr Murrell said.

The grants are being administered with support from the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority and applications will close 31 October 2023.

CMA project Coordinator, Robert Gibson, added that this was a great opportunity for anyone wanting to make a difference to the local environment.

“Volunteering for landcare works like tree planting can be be a big help in mitigating climate change.”

Anyone interested in applying for funding is encouraged to view the funding guidelines and apply online at www.sealliance.org.au

Anyone interested in helping local landcare groups can contact the acting SEA facilitator Rosemary Wilson on 0427 233 477