Glenelg River landholders survey

Landholders along the Glenelg River – we need to know if you know about compensation flows!

With a forecast long hot summer ahead, the CMA has begun planning it’s river management for the season and we need to know what kind of expectations and needs landholders along the river have.

This short survey will help us understand.


The Compensation flow is a water entitlement for stock and domestic use and other social purposes in the Glenelg River downstream of Rocklands Reservoir. It was created to compensate communities and landholders downstream of Rocklands Reservoir who were impacted by its construction. The volume of the entitlement is 3,300 ML  but it’s a lower reliability entitlement so it does not receive allocations every year. This means any allocations that are received are saved up and only used when required, typically during dry or drought periods. 

Before releasing any compensation flow the CMA reviews river conditions and climate predictions for the upcoming summer.  The CMA also works with a compensation flow users group made up of landholders who live along the Glenelg River. This group is integral to ensuring the CMA understands the needs of different communities along the Glenelg River.