New CMA Board members announced

The Victorian Government appoints non-executive directors to the boards of water corporations and catchment management authorities.

The composition of boards from 1 October 2023 was announced by the Victorian government in September.

For the Glenelg Hopkins CMA, two new board directors were appointed. These new directors – Rowan MacKenzie and Kate Redwood – will attend their first CMA board meeting in October, to be held in Ararat.

Kate Redwood is an experienced Director and elected Local Government Councillor who is very engaged with her community via environmental and sporting group membership and has significant experience in governance and risk management, with previous roles in the health sector.

Rowan Mackenzie is a consultant in the Environment and Sustainability field with previous experience working in Surf Coast Shire, Barwon Water and EPA.

Farewell Damein Bell

As part of the Glenelg Hopkins CMA board nomination process, Board member Damien Bell did not seek reappointment.

Damein has been with the CMA Board since 2015. Over his time Damein has helped oversee:

  • Two Regional Catchment Strategies
  • Glenelg Hopkins Waterway Strategy
  • Aboriginal Partnership Framework
  • Numerous corporate plans and annual reports
  • Involvement on the Remuneration and Performance Committee
  • Recruitment of CEO
  • The Gunditj Mirring and GHMA Partnership Statement
  • And of course countless tours of the Budj Bim landscape

“We will miss Damein’s practical approach, support and direction towards a much better understanding and appreciation of cultural values, First Nations policy and the importance of recognition,” Board chair Tony Ford, said.