Fish booking into Hopkins hotels in high numbers

Glenelg Hopkins CMA fish surveys in the Hopkins River this year have shown a 1000 per cent increase in the numbers of some fish species after habitat was installed in the waterway in the last year.

The survey was the first after habitat was installed in the river, and the results suggest the habitat is assisting native fish species retention in the waterways.

Glenelg Hopkins CMA senior waterways officer, Stephen Ryan, said the CMA conducted fish surveys prior to projects starting to get baseline measurements, and then re-surveyed the waterway post-installation to measure the influence of the works.

More than 140 pieces of habitat – like fish hotels and tree root balls – have been installed in the Hopkins and Merri rivers in the last 12 months as part of the project.

These surveys were undertaken in the Hopkins River in Warrnambool around the publicly accessible Deakin University launch area where there has been a large amount of habitat placed in the river.