Beach Road closure in place

Public access to Beach Road at Nelson will be restricted for a period of nine weeks as works to improve the road access of the area are undertaken.

Beach Road is notorious for it’s inundation by water when the nearby estuarine wetland areas fill through the natural estuary opening and closing processes.

“The road has, for a long time, been inaccessible when the estuarine wetlands fill,” Glenelg Hopkins CMA Senior Waterways Officer, Gavin Prentice, said.

“The wetlands filling is part of the natural process for the area, but it becomes quite inconvenient for the public who still want to enjoy the area around the Glenelg Estuary Discovery Bay Ramsar area.

“Closing Beach Road for this period in early 2024 will ensure works to be undertaken on the road to raise its level can be completed. This will ensure the natural environmental process of wetlands filling can take place and the public access to the area is also maintained during the year.”

Beach Road closed on January 29 and it will remain so until March 30, when works should be completed.

Single lane land access will be made available during weekend periods to allow the public to continue to enjoy the region, Mr Prentice said.

Access to the Ocean Beach Car Park will be mostly retained during this time, however, restrictions for a two-week period will be required at the end stages of the project.

“We recognise this road closure will be inconvenient, however, the decision to wait until after the peak summer period and when school is back was made to reduce the impact on holiday makers and locals in the area,” Mr Prentice said.

“This road upgrade should ensure the access to this amazing environment is maintained for much more of the year. The road being inundated with water has been an ongoing issue which we are now resolving.” Questions or concerns about the road closure and works should be direct to Glenelg Hopkins CMA by phoning (03) 5571 2526 or emailing ghcma@ghcma.vic.gov.au