Precision agriculture supporting cropping and wetlands

When farming and technology combine to support the environment.

Our region is home to over 70% of Victoria’s seasonal herbaceous wetlands … and most of them occur in the middle of paddocks on farms.

In a new trial project we are seeing how precision agriculture techniques and technology can help farmers maintain their cropping outputs while supporting the wetland environments on their farm by engaging a precision agriculture company, agronomists and four cropping farmers in the catchment to showcase how it works in a fully commercial cropping business.

The aim is for a win:win situation, where the farmers can continue to crop successfully for their bottom line, and the wetlands aren’t damaged as part of it, and continue to just sit happily in the middle of paddocks and be the environmental assets they are.

View the introduction video below

This project is funded by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action Our Catchments Our Communities program and is being delivered by the Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group with support from our landholders, Precision Agriculture and Gorst Rural