Wetlands of the west

Wetlands, surprisingly, are not always wet.

Sometimes, that’s their natural function.

Sometimes, that’s because in years gone by, their value in a landscape has been overlooked and they’ve been drained.

Our Western Wetlands project over the last four years has been dedicated to identifying, improving, protecting, and evaluating wetlands in the south-west of our catchment.

In partnerships with landholders and land managers, many of these wetland areas have been re-established … often using the simplest of measures … to ensure these areas and their high environmental values are reinstated in the working landscape of today.

Check out the short video explaining how that might look below.

Watch the full length video about the importance of the project and how we work together with partners to re-establish wetlands in our region.

This project is part of the Victorian Government’s $248 million investment over four years (2020-2024) to improve catchment and waterway health across regional Victoria.