Board members


Mr Antony Ford

Tony has over 35 years’ experience in Australian and international agribusiness, of which 25 years has been at senior executive level and on the boards of food manufacturing, horticultural and other institutions. Recently, Tony has been a senior executive and board member in production horticulture and food manufacturing at McCain Foods and as CEO at the largest amenity and vegetable nursery in Australia, Boomaroo Nurseries.
He has been involved in industry policy development and strategic planning across the industries, states and countries he has operated within.

Board Members

Mr Damein Bell

Damein is Chief Executive Officer of Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation and has previously been a Board Member with the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and the Native Title Services of Victoria.

Dr Michelle Casanova

Michelle has a PhD in Botany and is Principal at Charophyte Services, a consultancy aimed at providing best practice, scientific research, information and assessment concerning water plants and wetlands. Michelle lives and works on a fine-wool merino and cropping farm near Lake Bolac.

Ms Christine Giles

Chris Giles is the Chief Executive Officer at Portland District Health and has considerable experience as a leader and manager of regional, rural and remote public health services. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Management along with nursing and midwifery qualifications. Chris has a background in agriculture having and currently has an interest in an irrigation property, with past experience in sheep, dairy and poultry farming. She is currently a Board Director for a Health ICT alliance and has held the elected role as a Shire Councilor. Chris has also been actively involved in Land and Sea Management initiatives working with local traditional owner in the Torres Strait.

Professor Gerry Quinn

Gerry holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, a PhD in Marine Biology and has completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course. He is a current Chairperson in Marine Biology at Deakin University and has served on several statutory bodies, advisory committees and government public entities. Gerry’s latest research has focused on the effect of humans on the condition of estuaries and developing models for linking coastal environments to nearly land and catchment processes.

Ms Karrinjeet Singh-Mahil

Karrinjeet is a dairy farmer and teacher who has a Master of Education degree and a Certificate IV in Governance. She has previously worked in diverse fields such as banking and finance, venue management and sports development across four countries. Karrinjeet has communication and collaboration skills and is a creative thinker.

Ms Celia Tucker

Celia holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Parks, Recreation and Heritage) and lives and works on a sheep farm with her husband at Willaura North. She is interested in both the environmental and agricultural sectors and has previously worked at both local and state government level in these fields. The farming enterprise Celia and her husband operate places a strong focus on protecting and enhancing the natural capital and biodiversity on their property to ensure profitability for future generations. She serves on several committees and is an active ‘Landcarer’ supporting other primary producers in her community who wish to undertake Landcare work.