Plant indigenous plants

Native vegetation plays a vital role in the shape of our landscape. Native plants help produce oxygen, form and protect soils, maintain biodiversity, protect water resources, provide carbon sinks that absorb greenhouse gasses, provide shelter for native animals and much more.

Native vegetation assists landowners in:

  • maintaining water table levels and prevent salinity
  • providing shade and shelter to stock
  • providing windbreaks for crops; contributes to soil erosion control
  • providing habitat for natural predators of crop pests (such as birds and carnivorous insects)
  • maintaining microclimates which assist water retention and quality
  • providing sites for tourism and recreation
  • conserving genetic resources for future development of pharmaceutical or agricultural products
  • providing timber and other products (such as honey and flowers).

Native vegetation also has a range of direct economic benefits that include:

  • Windbreaks for crops
  • Soil erosion control
  • Shelter and shade to stock
  • Timber and other products such as honey and flowers
  • Maintaining microclimates which assist water quality and retention
  • Providing habitat for natural predators of crop pests
  • Providing deep rooted vegetation which assists in maintaining lower water tables
  • Conserving genetic resources for future development of pharmaceutical products or hybridisation
  • Cultural and social benefits e.g. providing a sense of identity and place and providing for recreation.

Revised bio regional conservation status of Ecological Vegetation Classes

Since the preparation of the CMA Native Vegetation Plan (PDF), there has been a revision of the Bioregional Conservation Status (BCS) of the Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVCs) (PDF) It is essential that you use this revised list to obtain information regarding the EVC BCS, particularly if you require the information for Planning Permit purposes.

For more information visit the DEPI: Department of Environment and Primary Industries website.