Flood Recovery

Initial site inspections occurred at over 300 sites across the Glenelg Hopkins region in response to requests from affected land managers and the results of aerial surveys in the upper Glenelg and upper Hopkins catchments.

The CMA completed flood remediation works across 47 sites in the Glenelg Hopkins region through the Commonwealth and Victoria Governments Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA). Works have included rock chutes, trickle pipe units, rock beaching, concrete structure repairs, pile field, woody revetment, coir log erosion control network, levees, crossing repairs and grassed chutes.

Additional funding was provided through the State Government’s Treasury Advance through DELWP.  This enabled fencing and revegetation works to protect the erosion control structures constructed through the NDRRA, as well as an additional nine erosion control works, to be completed.

In addition to undertaking flood recovery activities, the project has been a pilot for new OH&S systems for use during field and construction works and run the first Cultural Heritage Awareness training for construction contractors for the Glenelg Hopkins CMA.

Project Partners

Private land managers, Local Government, DELWP, VicRoads, forestry companies and traditional owner groups.

The Glenelg Hopkins CMA’s NDRRA AGRN728 Flood Recovery Project is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Victoria Government under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.