Hopkins Wetlands Restoration Project

The Glenelg Hopkins catchment has more than 7,600 wetlands covering 117,000 ha (or 4 per cent) of the region’s area. This represents 22 per cent of Victoria’s total number of wetlands.

This project is part of the Hopkins Works Program and focuses on protection of wetlands in the upper catchment. Funding has assisted landholders to fence their wetlands and allow for managed grazing where required.

The development of a communication and engagement strategy in 2019 assisted in delivering key messages to stakeholders about protecting wetlands and reducing their potential loss due to drainage and cropping.

In 2018-19 there were 3 sites protecting over 130ha, over 7km of fencing was established and  a fox control program was undertaken at one of the sites. Year 2 saw the completion of 5 project sites protecting over 87ha, over 4km of fencing undertaken, and the reinstatement of water to 2 wetlands near Beaufort in the upper catchment, both of which filled in 2020.

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Wetland information resources

  • Fact sheets – A series of fact sheets have been developed as part of this project to assist landholders to understand what wetlands are and their importance in the landscape.
  • Field booklets – a range of field booklets to understand the plants and animals dependent on wetlands has been developed.

Tania Parker
Senior Field Services Officer

Project Partners

This project is supported by Glenelg Hopkins CMA and landholders through funding from the Victorian Government.