Coastal Connections

Coastal habitat is being protected through multiple year conservation management agreements with private landholders and permanent protection under conservation covenants with Trust For Nature.
Coastal community groups and private landholders are supported through grants for activities that focus on protection and rehabilitation of endangered coastal habitat, including stock exclusion, weed and pest control.

The project also provides the opportunity for Indigenous employment and to build Indigenous skills in natural resource management.

Audit Inspections
Audit Inspections

What’s the project?

  • Coastal Connections is an integrated project supporting multiple outcomes and is in its fourth of five years’ funding.
  • The project is funding management activities on 292 hectares of high value coastal habitat on private land
  • The project has established permanent protection on 82 hectares of private land with high value coastal habitat
  • The total area on the coast that is protected under Management Agreement has increased five-fold since the project started!
  • The project has established a great working relationship with Worn Gundidj, which has resulted in the training and further employment of two Indigenous trainees
  • Twenty-one community groups have successfully run field days, working bees, tours and clean-up days
  • Endangered coastal plants including Mellblom’s Spider-orchid, Limestone Spider-orchid, Coast Dandelion, Maroon Leek-orchid and Metallic Sun-orchid are benefitting from specific management activities
  • One new population of Mellblom’s Spider-Orchid (Caladenia hastata) was discovered. This has increased the number of known populations from three to four.

Find out more

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Budj Bim Restoration Project (PDF)

Regional Riparian Action Plan (PDF)

Major Projects Brochure (PDF)

Jacinta Hendriks
Senior NRM Planner

Project partners

DELWP, Coastal Community and Landcare Groups, private land managers, Worn Gundidj Employment Agency, Trust For Nature.

This program is supported by Glenelg Hopkins CMA and landholders through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.