Glenelg River Restoration

Landholder projects on the Glenelg

The project will establish, manage and maintain habitat in the Glenelg River catchment by offering incentives to landholders to undertake on-ground works. It also focuses on establishing partnerships to achieve land management that delivers both agricultural viability and ecological sustainability.

The project uses well-established and successful methodologies to actively engage communities and increase the extent of waterways protected and improved. Development and implementation of Waterway Action Plans (WAPs) identify assets and threats to waterway health and actions for the protection and enhancement of the waterway.

The main outcomes of the project will be improved streamside zone over the whole length of the Glenelg River, improved in-stream habitat, and reduced catchment erosion slowing the input of sand to the river. The river system will be noticeably healthier and capable of continuing to support high environmental, social and economic values well into the future.

Individual projects will be developed and funding provided to successful landholders to undertake on-ground activities including fencing to exclude stock, tree planting and installing alternate stock water supply where required.

Project Partners

Private land managers.

This program is supported by Glenelg Hopkins CMA and project partners through funding from the Victorian Government.