Bromfield Street weir project

This project will begin in 2022 and will remove the weir on the Merri river in Warrnambool which was constructed in 1907 and is now a redundant asset and poses a safety risk to the community as well as hindering the natural flow of the waterway.

Removing the weir – which will occur in 2023 – will have significant public benefits for the community of Warrnambool, including lifestyle and tourism benefits. 

This includes restoring the river’s natural flow which will boost animal populations, including recreational fish species.  It also opens up the river to allow greater water activities such as canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding.

Learn more about the project, its benefits and how you can have you say on it HERE

An artistic impression of how the project on the Merri River will improve the waterway with imagery of the weir in place (LEFT) and its removal (RIGHT)