The sanderling are back!

The Sanderling have trekked the globe and they are back on our southern beaches for the summer!

Last week was an extraordinary week for researchers and volunteers when they braved the beach winds and caught 40 Sanderling (and 40 Red Necked Stint).

Another 20 state of the art bluetooth GPS trackers were fitted to 20 Sanderling and successfully released.

We are now on the hunt for both leg-flag readings of any Sanderling, but with the monthly prize of a framed Jimmi Buscombe Sanderling print. You can find the details HERE

In addition, if you get close enough you can use the Ecotopia app on your smart-phone to connect to the birds fitted with bluetooth trackers to download their tracking data.

You can find the details of how to use the app by following the instructions HERE

This data is essential for researchers to continue their work to better understand Sanderling movements along the Discovery Bay coast, but also throughout south-west Victoria and south-east South Australia.