Our Catchments Our Communities

What is the Our Catchments Our Communities project?

The OCOC project will run over four years and contribute to key actions in the Our Catchments Our Communities: Integrated Catchment Management in Victoria 2016-19.

The project will be delivered through three main activities, each with a different focus:

  1. On-ground works that aim to improve the condition of wetlands in the Greater Grampians region
  2. Engagement with regional partners and the community through formalised groups, agreements and processes
  3. State-wide engagement with partners to improve catchment condition reporting and state level formal processes.

Over the last four years, Glenelg Hopkins CMA has worked hard deliver projects under the Our Catchments Our Communities project banner in an engaging and tangible way.

Check out some of the ways we have been able to work together for great community outcomes, and how supporting individuals in their own development will help the broader community.

Celebrating Women on Farms

Through the Our Catchments, Our Communities program funded through the Victorian Government, the Glenelg Hopkins CMA wanted to celebrate the amazing contribution women give to their community and to regional land-management.

In our greater Glenelg Hopkins catchment have women who farm livestock, run small businesses, work at the local school, co-ordinate local Landcare groups, volunteer across numerous organisations in their community – women in our region contribute so much!

We had hoped to hold an event to get together to treat women in the region to a lovely lunch – a chance get off the farm and away from the desk – and catchup with other women in the region, expand their networks and hear from some inspirational women.

Unfortunately coronavirus came along and, like a lot of things in 2020, we were forced to change our plans.

So, rather than hearing them in person we had three inspirational women tell their story about their approach to land management and how they interact and volunteer in their community through a self-recorded video.

Be inspired by Jackie Jarvis our keynote speaker who was named the ‘Community Leader’ for the Farmer of the Year Awards in 2019. Jackie is a farmer from Margaret River and is currently working in Agribusiness Development at the Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

And also listen to from some inspirational south west Victorian locals Celia Tucker from Maroona and Lisa McInytre from Victorian Valley.

Supporting individuals and groups

As part of the Our Catchment Our Communities, the Glenelg Hopkins CMA has been able to support individuals and groups in their desire to improve their capacity to deliver community-orientated projects.

These projects have had a naturel resource management focus, as well as focus on bringing communities together.

You can see how the OCOC support has helped people in our catchment in the videos below:

Mapping microplastics – Colleen Hughson

Rail trailing towards connected communities – Richard Zerbe

Supporting community events

As part of the OCOC’s aim to bring together communities and enhance understanding of natural resources and their importance, the Glenelg Hopkins CMA has been able to support community events.

This has included the Lake Bolac Eel Festival

Through the support of the Lake Bolac Eel Festival, the Glenelg Hopkins CMA supported a community photography competition which encouraged participants to photograph wetlands in the the Glenelg Hopkins catchment area. 

Protecting community assets

Some of the projects the OCOC funding supports are those enhancing community assets like wetland restoration projects.

You can see how the Glenelg Hoppkins CMA, through OCOC funding, has assisted groups restore wetlands below:

The OCOC project is supported by the Victorian Government’s funding commitment of $222 million over four years to ensure Victoria’s waterways and catchments support environmental, social, cultural and economic needs and the values of our communities.