Regional Works Crew

The crew are also available to assist local communities in times of need, such as following flood, fire and drought events.

The crew members have a range of skills and competencies that enable them to undertake their work. Specifically, these relate to chemical spraying, fencing, native plant identification and management, and tree felling.

The crew also undertakes works along urban waterways in the townships of Beaufort, Skipton, Panmure, Hamilton and Warrnambool.

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Major Projects Brochure (PDF)

David Nichols
Senior Field Services Officer

Project partners

The program relies on, and promotes a range of partnerships with individuals, community groups and government agencies. Foremost amongst these is the partnership with local landholders and with the Ararat Rural City Council (ARCC), whereby the ARCC host the crew out of the Ararat depot. This relationship is vital to the success and running of the program.

This program is supported by Glenelg Hopkins CMA and project partners through funding from the Victorian Government.