Regional Floodplain Management Strategy

What is the Regional Floodplain Management Strategy?

The Glenelg Hopkins Regional Floodplain Management Strategy (RFMS) is the primary document for identifying floodplain management priorities within the Glenelg Hopkins region. It provides a single, regional planning document for floodplain management and a high-level regional work program to guide future investment priorities within the Glenelg Hopkins region.

The strategy interprets and applies the policies, actions, and accountabilities of the Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy (VFMS) in managing flood risks at the regional and local level.
The primary role of the RFMS is to assist agencies that have floodplain management and flood emergency management functions to align their priorities and maximise community benefits with available funding.

The RFMS is a 10-year document, with the current strategy running from 2018 to 2027. A mid-term progress update and review was carried out in 2023. The RFMS is a working document and as such, priorities can be added to, revised, or removed as needed.

Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy


Regional Floodplain Management Strategy


RFMS Progress Update and Review


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