Advice & Licences

Developing irrigation sustainably

The Southwest Victorian Irrigation Development Guidelines are now available help make our agricultural region even more sustainable: economically, productively and environmentally. As well as there...

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Estuary opening at Narrawong

High swells building an unusually large sand beach berm has led to the CMA and Parks Victoria taking proactive action to support the Surry River at Narrawong with an authorised artificial river mouth...

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Rural drainage resource kit NOW AVAILABLE

Understanding the rights and responsibilities around dryland drainage it important for landholders who may undertake works that turn out to be illegal. To help landholders understand what they can...

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Flood recovery information

The Glenelg Hopkins CMA provides support during and after flood events in our catchment areas. This is through waterways planning and incident control information, and post flood recovery activities including...

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Seasonal watering pauses for the winter

It's time to let the weather put the water into the rivers. Our seasonal watering program to support the Glenelg River will return later in the year.In the mean time, want to know why we support seasonal...

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